Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Other than my family, I would say that these two ladies probably mean more to me than anyone in the world. We talk at LEAST once a day in some form or another, and if it were not for them I would not be the person I am today. I love them SO MUCH and miss them even more :( I have to wait another month before I see them, hopefully it won't drag on too much.




Monday, October 26, 2009

i cannot WAIT until this week is over.

the way we were

"You think you're easy? Compared to what, the Hundred Years' War?"

Such a great film, though Babs gets a little annoying (this is who they cast as the nice Jewish girl!? we're not all like that!), Robert Redford is amazing amazing amazing. It's also ridiculously quotable, something I definitely love about a movie.

In other news, I have a midterm due at 4 and I'm not done yet. Whoops! :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

she's losing it

So this past week has been one of the most challenging in recent memory, and had it not been for the support of my amazing roommates and close friends back home, I really don't know how I would have made it. I went through the lowest low I've had in awhile on Tuesday, and it was definitely the first truly shitty day I've had since moving up here. However, Wednesday was extraordinarily wonderful, so I suppose it balances itself out? Thursday was just an average day; nothing special, nothing awful. I did find out that I was wait-listed for the Israel Birthright trip, but apparently I'm first on the wait-list and usually three to four people drop out, so I have a very good chance of still going. I'm honestly okay with the idea of going or not; if it doesn't work out this winter I'll just have a month to spend either up here or back home doing nothing. Also, that means I'm pretty much guaranteed to go over summer, which would be awesome as well. Really, win/win in any case, and at some point in 2010 I will be in Israel...amazing! Friday was...interesting. I had my first real "college experience"...considering this blog is public, I'm not going to elaborate too much, but it was definitely an interesting night, haha. Yesterday I spent recovering and studying, and today I've been studying and writing all day...I've got a midterm due tomorrow I need to finish! Speaking of that midterm, I'm debating changing my GWS class to pass/no pass...I don't want to risk a low grade hurting my GPA, and I really don't see myself getting higher than a B- in this class. I'm not sure yet, I'd like to talk to the professor about it.

Oh! And I registered for some classes (you can only register for up to 10 units through Phase I and then the rest during Phase II) and my schedule next semester is going to be INTENSE. By intense, I mean class from 8am-5pm Tuesday & Thursday. Kill me now please? I'll be taking MS101 (Visual Communication), MS103 (Understanding Journalism), MS104A (First Amendment and the Press) and a decal on Woody Allen films that one of my friends is teaching! Possibly adding another class as well, but this is going to be a pretty full load to begin with. Currently, I'm only registered in MS103 (though I had to register through Journalism 141!), and waitlisted for MS101 (since I'm not officially declared as a Media Studies major). Hopefully I get 104...I should, though.

I have SUCH A BUSY WEEK! Lots of reading, lots of writing, lots of work, lots of walking all over the place. Saturday is Halloween, which should be interesting...personally, I'd love to stay home and watch the X-Files (is there anything scarier?!) but I might get convinced to go out. I'll see what happens. Sunday a friend is driving up to see me, and I couldn't be more excited! Have to make it through this week first, though.

And now, pictures!

We're studying Noam Chomsky. Chomsky sounds like a Pokemon. I got bored in discussion. This is what happened...haha! And yes mom, I WAS paying attention and can elaborate on the Propaganda Model if you want ;)

Maria redecorated our living room and I LOVE it. So comfy/cute.

We made Princess Cupcakes!

and a cake...decorations courtesy of Maria.

Pasta :) Doesn't it look so good??

Also, "She's Losing It" by Belle & Sebastian has been on repeat for the past week, it came up on shuffle and I've been on a B&S listening spree since. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I filmed the in-studio parts (look at how nice and tight those shots are!), as well as the Indigenous People's Night of Resistance piece (though really, that's the footage they chose...?!)...yay for CalTV!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Note to self: No matter where you are in the world, or who you're with, you still have good days and bad days, and that's okay, and the way things naturally flow.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

carpe diem!

Nothing like some good ice cream and good conversation to remind you of the simple pleasures in life.
It's important to remember that not everything is about school. I have to keep reminding myself this, because it is way too easy to get caught up in what I call the "Berkeley mentality" of "study study study; future future future!" There's something to be said about living in the present, taking the time to enjoy yourself and just live. Yes, I need to think about next semester/next year/my future. I need to figure out if I want to do law school/grad school/film school/none of the above. I know I need to deal with my reading and my essays and my financial aid. I know I should get caught up where I'm behind, I should even try to get ahead. I'm really good at getting caught up in the bullshit that is school; I tend to get ridiculously stressed easily and I forget that by this time next year, I won't care about the grade I got on a paper this semester. Life is so much more than grades! I mean, they're important, but my mental health and sanity is much more important. It's okay to not know what I'm doing next year or once I get my degree, and it's okay to not have a fact, maybe that's for the best. I've had a plan since high school and although it's terrifying to not have one, at the same time, it's absolutely thrilling and exciting. Besides, there's no knowing what the future will hold, so why focus all my time on it when I could be enjoying the present?

Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero
– "Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

first rainy day at berkeley!

views from my apartment! IT WAS SO WET. seriously, i have only experienced rain this intense once in my life, and that was six years ago, when i was in rome for christmas with my dad. absolutely ridiculous.

considering it was raining all day, i still managed to stay pretty decent (meaning not wearing a hoodie, though i was tempted...) and i have figured out how to (somewhat) tame my wild hair against the forces of nature.

cardigan, all-son, thrifted.
flannel shirt, forever 21.
jeans, levi's.
boots, target.

not pictured is the rain jacket my daddy gave me that saved my life & my pathetic leopard print umbrella that is not built for actual rainfall.

also, i have been listening to bon iver all day because it is perfect rainy day music.

here's looking at you, kid.

I finally saw Casablanca...absolutely amazing. I can't believe I had never seen it before, but I am absolutely thrilled that I finally sat down and watched it.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, my long day, and it's also supposed to be the first rainy day of the year...should be an interesting one.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


as promised, pictures of my various birthday gifts. i'm so lucky!

classic white button down, $20, b-day gift from my momma, target.
jeans, levi's, urban outfitters, $20.

new flats :)
black studded flats, urban outfitters, $20.
leopard print flats, target, $12.

riding boots, target, $50, birthday gift :)

what my parents sent me for my birthday, i love them!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

why isn't love enough?

This is basically how I look all the time: curly hair (way too lazy to straighten it), bags under my eyes, leggings, a flannel shirt (or an AA Deep V, not going to lie, I totally live in them) and an energy drink in hand. I used to be a big fan of Red Bull but as of late I've definitely been drinking more Monster...I wonder why? ;) Probably because that's all they sell on campus...probably. Anyways...

I had my first Berkeley midterm yesterday and despite the fact that I studied really hard, I don't think I did as well as I wanted to. It was a really hard exam, I thought, and it didn't help that I totally blanked the first fifteen minutes of the test. Ugh. There's nothing I can do about it now, so I'm just trying to enjoy my weekend, but it's still frustrating whenever I start to think about it.

However, the rest of yesterday was awesome! My American Studies 110 class was really interesting and got out early, and then my discussion section was cancelled, and THEN I got my birthday package in the mail from my parents! And they really outdid themselves...not only did they get me the first season of True Blood, but they bought me three books (a book of witty quotes, Rebel Without A Crew by Robert Rodriguez, and Scorsese on Scorsese by Martin Scorsese) and two documentaries on filmmaking (A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese through American Movies and Cinematographer Style). Thanks guys, you are the best :D

All I have to do this weekend is read...A LOT. So far, I've caught up on Glee, watched two episodes of True Blood, and watched Closer. Right now I'm watching part of Empire Records and in twenty minutes I'm meeting up with some friends and my roommate to go to a screening of The Hangover at Wheeler...for only $3! So much for productivity.

Also, all prospective transfer students should read this article in The Daily Bruin about the increase in difficulty transferring. I will try to do some more research on this and let you know what I find out!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Self-promotion? ALWAYS.

Check out the October 6th edition of "The Calbear Report", of which I helped film!

For other videos and shows, check out :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

twenty years!

So, birthday weekend...the weekend itself was awesome, my actual birthday, not so much.

Sarah arrived on Friday! It was so wonderful seeing here again; I hadn't seen her since I had left for Berkeley! And as much as I love video chat, it is definitely not the same as actually hanging out with my best friend. So we go back to my apartment and get dressed to go to Jupiter's Pizza for dinner. Another one of my good friends from high school, Misha, came down from San Francisco to have dinner with us, along with my roommate Haley and my good friend Mike (though he had to unfortunately leave early). Good times were definitely had, and the pizza was amazing. Definitely going back there again! After dinner, we got some gelato and took Misha back to the BART because he had to go home. The three of us ladies headed back to the apartment, where I prepared some delicious mojitos...I'd like to think it's another trait I've picked up from my dad, haha. We caught up for awhile and then went to bed.

Saturday we woke up late, because we could. It was gameday, Cal vs. USC, and we were ready to have fun! I went with Sarah, Haley, Maria (one of the other girls living in my apartment) and Maria's friends to a bunch of frats...and it was an interesting experience, to say the least. We left very, very...happy...haha. Then Sarah and I went back to the apartment to watch the game and watch Cal lose in the most ridiculous/pathetic way ever to USC. Oh well. It was fun, though! And then I went and got my nose pierced (shhh, daddy doesn't know yet) and got some coffee and went to sleep.

Yesterday, the anniversary of my day of birth, I woke up at 6 am to walk my best to the BART station...only to find that the BART doesn't run until 8am on Sundays. Public transit I gave her a little bit of money and she went off in a spirited~ cab. I went back to the apartment to sleep, only to wake up and go to the library. That's right...I spent my birthday in the library, studying. Oh well. That was pretty much all I did, though I did go home to eat lunch and some cookies...haha. It was an okay day, it just didn't feel like much of a birthday. I guess that's what my 21st is for, right? So close! :) I was in an odd mood all day; every little thing was getting to me, but talking to a couple of people from back home definitely made my day a lot better.

In any case, this week is going to be a little crazy...I have my first midterm and I am terrified. I'm currently applying for a second job that I am in desperate need of and I'm scared I won't get any callbacks (though it is work study, so someone should call me). I need to go to the doctor today because I pulled a muscle or popped something (I don't even know) in my leg a week ago and it still hurts, and then I'm filming another episode of the Calbear Report and then class. Honestly, I just want to lay in bed, drinking tea and listening to Bon Iver and Rilo Kiley and staring off into the fog, but I know I need to get up and be productive.

Friday, October 2, 2009

  • Work, 10:00AM-12:00PM
  • Lunch
  • Study, 1:00PM-5:00PM
  • Birthday Dinner, 7:00PM

This is bound to be the best birthday weekend ever.

Thursday, October 1, 2009