Friday, October 2, 2009

  • Work, 10:00AM-12:00PM
  • Lunch
  • Study, 1:00PM-5:00PM
  • Birthday Dinner, 7:00PM

This is bound to be the best birthday weekend ever.


  1. Hi Andrea,

    I found your blog through the ucberkeley comm over @ and I literally can not tell you how excited I was to stumble upon your blog. I read a couple of your entries and my situation matches yours exactly... I'm currently going to community college and am REALLY hoping to transfer to UC Berkeley. I've had a lot of nervous feelings about how it's going to be when I do finally end up transferring with meeting new people or if I'm even going to be able to get out of here and I don't mean this in a weird way but, you're sort of my inspiration. Ironically enough, our majors are the same which gives me a bit more hope considering I've been told before that Media Studies/Comm is not a good major to go after at UC Berkeley. Feel free to say no but do you think I could email you or something with a question or two? I totally understand if you don't feel comfortable, I know you're not my guidance counselor or anything. Anyways, love your blog!


  2. Email me for sure! I'd love to talk to you :)


  3. What's your email? I can't find it anywhere :x