Thursday, October 22, 2009

she's losing it

So this past week has been one of the most challenging in recent memory, and had it not been for the support of my amazing roommates and close friends back home, I really don't know how I would have made it. I went through the lowest low I've had in awhile on Tuesday, and it was definitely the first truly shitty day I've had since moving up here. However, Wednesday was extraordinarily wonderful, so I suppose it balances itself out? Thursday was just an average day; nothing special, nothing awful. I did find out that I was wait-listed for the Israel Birthright trip, but apparently I'm first on the wait-list and usually three to four people drop out, so I have a very good chance of still going. I'm honestly okay with the idea of going or not; if it doesn't work out this winter I'll just have a month to spend either up here or back home doing nothing. Also, that means I'm pretty much guaranteed to go over summer, which would be awesome as well. Really, win/win in any case, and at some point in 2010 I will be in Israel...amazing! Friday was...interesting. I had my first real "college experience"...considering this blog is public, I'm not going to elaborate too much, but it was definitely an interesting night, haha. Yesterday I spent recovering and studying, and today I've been studying and writing all day...I've got a midterm due tomorrow I need to finish! Speaking of that midterm, I'm debating changing my GWS class to pass/no pass...I don't want to risk a low grade hurting my GPA, and I really don't see myself getting higher than a B- in this class. I'm not sure yet, I'd like to talk to the professor about it.

Oh! And I registered for some classes (you can only register for up to 10 units through Phase I and then the rest during Phase II) and my schedule next semester is going to be INTENSE. By intense, I mean class from 8am-5pm Tuesday & Thursday. Kill me now please? I'll be taking MS101 (Visual Communication), MS103 (Understanding Journalism), MS104A (First Amendment and the Press) and a decal on Woody Allen films that one of my friends is teaching! Possibly adding another class as well, but this is going to be a pretty full load to begin with. Currently, I'm only registered in MS103 (though I had to register through Journalism 141!), and waitlisted for MS101 (since I'm not officially declared as a Media Studies major). Hopefully I get 104...I should, though.

I have SUCH A BUSY WEEK! Lots of reading, lots of writing, lots of work, lots of walking all over the place. Saturday is Halloween, which should be interesting...personally, I'd love to stay home and watch the X-Files (is there anything scarier?!) but I might get convinced to go out. I'll see what happens. Sunday a friend is driving up to see me, and I couldn't be more excited! Have to make it through this week first, though.

And now, pictures!

We're studying Noam Chomsky. Chomsky sounds like a Pokemon. I got bored in discussion. This is what happened...haha! And yes mom, I WAS paying attention and can elaborate on the Propaganda Model if you want ;)

Maria redecorated our living room and I LOVE it. So comfy/cute.

We made Princess Cupcakes!

and a cake...decorations courtesy of Maria.

Pasta :) Doesn't it look so good??

Also, "She's Losing It" by Belle & Sebastian has been on repeat for the past week, it came up on shuffle and I've been on a B&S listening spree since. Enjoy!


  1. Sorry you had a crappy week, but thank goodness for good roommates! Just curious who is teaching MS104, it's the only class I ever fell asleep in :) Great topic, but at the time, a not so great professor.

  2. I'd be taking MS104A (which is the First Amendment and the Press) with Turner! There's four different MS104 classes, haha, hopefully this isn't the one that bored you!

    and yeah, I definitely got really lucky with my roommates :)