Tuesday, October 13, 2009

first rainy day at berkeley!

views from my apartment! IT WAS SO WET. seriously, i have only experienced rain this intense once in my life, and that was six years ago, when i was in rome for christmas with my dad. absolutely ridiculous.

considering it was raining all day, i still managed to stay pretty decent (meaning not wearing a hoodie, though i was tempted...) and i have figured out how to (somewhat) tame my wild hair against the forces of nature.

cardigan, all-son, thrifted.
flannel shirt, forever 21.
jeans, levi's.
boots, target.

not pictured is the rain jacket my daddy gave me that saved my life & my pathetic leopard print umbrella that is not built for actual rainfall.

also, i have been listening to bon iver all day because it is perfect rainy day music.


  1. 1) excuse me, rome at christmas? yeah, jealous.
    2) you look efffffffing adorable.
    3) i wish i were there! we only get half-assed rain here. not fair.
    4) target boots ftw! are they leather or suede-ish? i always have qualms about suede plus rain. ._.
    5) bon iverrrr. <333

  2. you're going to need to get used to the rain at Cal. You're also going to need to learn how to deal with an umbrella that turns itself inside and out. You're not in so cal anymore :)