Thursday, March 4, 2010

talking in code.

Today was the day that students all over the state of California protested the budget cuts that are affecting us all. I would have participated, except that I had class, which uh, I kind of failed to wake up for. Yeah. I mean, it was bound to happen eventually, right? In any case, I slept through both the protest and class, oh well. I still was up in time to go to lunch with my friend Morgan, though! And boy, was I glad I didn't miss that.

This sign was hung over Sather Gate.

Pretty flowers in Memorial Glade.


So, we went to Gregoire for lunch and Masse's Pastries for dessert. Are you ready for this?

Morgan got the grilled chicken patty with sautéed chanterelles & gorgonzola dolce in pantofolina.

We got an order of crispy potato puffs to share.

And I got the 3 cheese potato soup.

Morgan was content.

Dessert was dynamite! Ha. But was amazing. It was some sort of pastry with a passionfruit filling...I don't actually know what was in it, but I know that it was delicious and I loved it.


I also got some cookies to go...a green tea macaroon, a chocolate macaroon, a lemon shortbread cookie and a cappuccino chip cookie.



So we were full and with time, so what did we do? Walk all the way up to the Berkeley Rose Garden, getting lost/finding adventure on the way. I live on Southside, so I never take the time to explore North Berkeley, but I'm so glad that I've been venturing out there a bit more. The houses are gorgeous, and as cheesy as it sounds, walking around them made me feel as though I was in a fairytale land. It also reminded me of back home, because Marie and I would often drive through the Burbank/Glendale hills and look at the houses up there.

Lots of pretty things on the way.

We arrive!

The view at the top was breathtaking.

I cannot WAIT to go when the roses are in full bloom, the place is gorgeous without them so I can't imagine how it'll be when it's filled to the brim with flowers. It's also really peaceful there.

I thought this memorial plaque was beautiful.

I love overcast Berkeley days!

I ran into my nemisis...he ran away. I win...AGAIN.

As if I didn't feel short already?

Super overcast, gorgeous.

There were police all over campus because of the protest, just making sure that everything stayed under control.

I got home and treated myself to an AMAZING macaroon.


I got back and cleaned my room, and now I'm about to start working on my Atomic Age midterm. Tomorrow is Friday and I actually have plans other than studying this weekend, so I need to try and be productive today! Today was a really good day (despite missing class, oops) and again I am reminded to stop and look at how amazing everything around me is. Taking some time to explore, eat, and be with a good friend is a nice break from studying all the time, and it was exactly what I needed this week.


  1. OMG the food pictures are making me salivate right now! And I ate a lot today!

    Also that picture with the campanile and flowers is breathtaking. Do you have a really profesh camera?

  2. Haha I'm glad! ;) And yeah, I have a Canon Rebel xti, it's my baby!

    WE SHOULD TOTALLY GO TO MASSE'S ONE DAY. Just sayin' down?! :)

  3. I'm down! I love food! Especially desserts!

  4. A dessert date! LET'S DO IT!