Wednesday, November 18, 2009

let it be.

What I've come to expect from life is when everything is going well and according to plan, something has to come up and remind you that not everything is sunshine and daisies. Everything was going so well, things were bound to go awry eventually. While this may be a more pessimistic view of life, it certainly seems to work out that way, so pardon me for sticking with my cynicism. I'm not going to elaborate too much; this is a public forum, and I don't want just anyone reading about my personal issues. However, this is the first time I've had to deal with something of magnitude completely on my own, and it's really hard. Away at school and far from any family members or close friends, I am left by myself to deal with this. Luckily I'm flying home on Monday and so I'll be with the people who matter most in a matter of days, but it's still hard to be up here and completely helpless...not that I'd be able to do much if I was home anyways. Cryptic much? I suppose. In any case, what's happening is a valuable lesson: enjoy the good times, learn from the bad ones, and never take the people you love for granted.


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