Monday, May 24, 2010

shine a light.

It's been awhile since I've updated, and I'd love to say it's because I've been out enjoying summer but that would be a total lie. Basically, all I've been doing is studying for the LSAT and catching up on tv...I've watched the entire sixth season of Grey's Anatomy and the first two seasons of Skins so far. Pathetic? I guess. But you've got to remember, I haven't had time off in ages, and I can only do logic games for so many hours at a time. And, since it was the first week of summer, and the only week before summer school started, pretty much everyone went home, leaving Berkeley a ghost town, and so it was a good week to stay in. In any case, I've studied a lot, I've made a huge dent in my "must-watch" list, and I've started to catch up on my sleep, so hurray!

However, that doesn't mean I didn't go out at all...! I went out to brunch with Morgan last Wednesday and spent the day in San Francisco with Misha yesterday.

Morgan's breakfast.

My breakfast! My obsession with french toast is getting slightly out of control; I've come to the conclusion that it's one of the best meals for college students (easy, delicious, cheap, and nutritious) and so I've been making it a lot more frequently. However, this cinnamon brioche french toast blows mine out of the water by far.

And on to San Francisco! First stop, the piers outside the Ferry building. That's the Bay Bridge!

I don't even know what this is, but it's awesome. Located in Ferry Park.


SO! Fun story. We were in Ferry Park, walking around, and we see that there's a production of Peter Pan occuring. We approach the ticket booth to see how much the cheapest tickets are, when we're approached by a lady selling her tickets and we end up spending $20.00 each on seats that were originally $125.00! Not only that, but their location was perfect, we got free drinks, programs, and audiobooks, AND the show was super cool. One of the best spontaneous decisions I've made in awhile!

One of the best deals, ever.


This was the Lost Boys home on the stage. The set was amazing...I didn't really get any good pictures of it.

Luckily, there was a picture in the program!

After the play we walked through the city.

I love love love living next to a big city. The buildings are so impressive!

Cool lion in Chinatown.


We found a Banksy!

Nothing like bad grammar to make me smile, haha.

Their intention was noble, but their execution was questionable.

Another Banksy!

We went to this record store in North Beach that was ridiculously awesome. I really wish I had a record player because their selection was amazing, gahhh.

I ended up getting these posters to decorate my apartment next year, and one for my brother. I'll give it to him when he comes up with my mom to visit at the end of June, hurray!

I really love walking around San much to see and discover. I want to try and spend a lot of time there this summer, if possible.

After a long day exploring, I got back to Berkeley in time to watch the LOST finale! I know I've never really written about it, but it's one of my favorite television shows (coming in second after The West Wing), and so I wore my LOST shirt proudly. After sleeping on it, I've come to the conclusion that was an amazing finale to a brilliant show, and I'm really content.

My nail polish collection! I realized that I have most of the rainbow...and a new addiction? Ahhhhh.

This is relevant only because I bought a new color ("Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees"), which is a dark charcoal gray, to celebrate me getting STRAIGHT A's this semester!

Anyways, things are good. The LSAT is challenging but it's keeping me busy. I'm catching up on a lot of unwatched television, which is relaxing, and I actually bought a novel to read for fun. I'm also trying to work on a script that I've been writing this past year...I don't have that much done, but the ideas are all there. I really want to bring it to life, and for the first time in a year I finally have time to just sit down and write; hopefully something good will come of it. And! I just found out that I get to move this Wednesday (instead of after the LSAT) which makes me ridiculously happy, and today my mom scheduled a trip up in which she and my brother will come visit me for the first time! I'm so excited to see them because I miss them SO MUCH. I miss my dad too, but he's busy working, sadly. Hopefully I'll go home in July for a bit, but I have to talk to my boss about it first. As for now, time to go back to my LSAT lesson book...the exam is two weeks from today! Time flies by so quickly, it's ridiculous.

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  1. Congrats on your grades! And good luck moving and taking the LSATs! :]

    These pics are so great. I *really* need to get out to San Francisco some day. It looks so beautiful.