Friday, May 28, 2010

northwest apartment.

My new apartment is amazing. Because I'm the Apartment Assistant (or AA, which is the same as an RA) I get my own room and my own bathroom! I share a kitchen and a living room with two other girls who are absolutely lovely. Here's a quick peek into my new digs!

Not pictured are the common areas, my private bathroom, and the view from my window of the Campanile! Obviously, it's much larger and nicer than the typical dorm room, and even a step up from the apartment I lived in last year. I didn't realize how little space I had in my last apartment until I moved into my new place! It's so comfortable, and I think that if I stay as organized as I am right now it's going to be a really great place to get work done. I'm really excited to be living here, and to live with awesome people, and to be an AA. Here's to a good year!

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  1. Wow I really like your wall with all those pictures on there. Also your really large closet.