Monday, June 14, 2010

paranoid android.

This blog began as a place to document my experience as a transfer student, and quickly became a place to catalog my Berkeley experience as a whole. I'm afraid that it's gotten too personal, and that one day the words I've written, or have refused to write, will come back to haunt me. It was impossible to write an honest account of everything because I didn't want to write things that were hurtful about anyone, and quite frankly, not everyone I encountered in the past year helped make my junior year memorable. Instead, I chose to gloss over or not even mention some of the difficulties I went through last year, because again, I didn't want to hurt anyone...not that they cared if what they were doing was hurting me. Regardless, it wasn't a full and honest account of what I went through, and yet, I feel as though I've still managed to put too much of myself into this blog. However, I don't know any other way to write, other than to say what I think and feel...I guess I need to start looking for a middle ground. No drastic changes to come as of now, but just something I had been thinking about for awhile.

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  1. There is definitely a thin line when blogging that you're never sure which side you're on. It is easier to gloss over the ickier parts of things and present a happy front because that's what people want to read.

    Anyway, I, for one, am glad you blog. :]