Sunday, April 25, 2010

oh my golly!

Picture post! I know you all love these :)

Water fight!

Don't mess with me, I may be small but I'm scrappy!


Cheeseboard with Johnny! And yes, we ate all of amazing.

Pistachio gelato and sunshine, what could be better?


Yesterday I spent the day in San Francisco with Katie! We met up with Misha, and at lunch at The Grove. It was absolutely delicious!

Iced tea...aka the BEST ICED TEA OF MY LIFE. No joke!

Cheese omelet, toast, and some of the best hash browns I've ever had...they had rosemary in them and were amazing. I'm going to have to attempt to make some like that!

Me and Katie! :)

In terms of eating and shopping, yesterday was a total success. It was one of those days were I magically found everything I could want, and it all happened to be on sale, and I happened to have some money. AMAZING. That hasn't happened in...ever, I think. It was exciting! And now I have lots of cute outfits for all sorts of occasions, haha. It definitely makes studying for finals better when I know I don't look like a total mess!


"God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys...I always forget how much I love this song.


  1. OMG I have my own tag!! Crazy. p.s. "God Only Knows" makes me cry EVERY time I listen to it.

  2. duh ;) and yeah, it definitely makes me tear up, such a beautiful song.

  3. Question 1: Where was the ice cream from?
    Comment 1: You take good photos
    Question 2: Is that place famous for brunch?
    Comment 2: The first photo is adorbs.

  4. 1: the gelato place right next to the BART station!
    2: i don't know, but if it's not it really should be because it was AMAZING.

    and thanks :D