Monday, December 7, 2009

toss me a cigarette, i think there's one in my raincoat.

It has become unbearably cold in Berkeley! Well, as unbearable as California seems to was about a high of 40 degrees today...which is really cold for me, I'm used to lows of 50 degrees! Oh Los Angeles, how you spoiled me. In any case, it is an excellent excuse to get all bundled up in my cutest winter gear, which includes this hat from Peru! I love being able to get away with wearing it, it's adorable and adds something interesting to my outfits. Anyways...

It's "dead week," in which students theoretically get a week to study for all of their finals. Ha. I mean, obviously I'm studying...but it's really easy to get distracted. I've been on a Scorcese kick lately; I just watched The Departed for the first time (amazing) and I brought Gangs of New York to watch for the millionth time. I also have a million tv-on-dvds to I promise I'm studying, though! I had half of my Advertising final, which went fairly well, and so now I have:
  • the other half of my Advertising final, which is a 4 page paper
  • a take-home final for Gender Studies, which is two short essay questions and one long essay--thank GOD I am done with this class, it was the worst
  • one in-class final for Media Studies...December 15 from 5-8pm
And after that...I'm free! I fly home the 17th and I am SO EXCITED. Still need to figure out what I'm packing, since I'm packing for not only home but Israel and NYC as well. I'm so excited for life! I'm nervous because I don't really know anyone on the Birthright trip, but I guess I'll get to know them, haha. I've been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, and Simon & Garfunkel lately. It's a good mix and it makes me happy.

Life is going to be absolutely wonderful once finals are over.

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