Saturday, September 12, 2009

y control

Here are some miscellaneous pictures from my first few weeks...I'm aware there aren't very many, I surpringly don't bring my camera everywhere...yet. :)

First football game of the year, Cal vs Maryland. We won 52-13!
I missed the second game today, Cal vs Eastern Washington, because I have so much work to do. However, I've been checking the score updates and it's currently in the 4th quarter, 52-7 Bears. FINAL SCORE 59-7. AWESOME.

So last Wednesday I went to my first Bay Area Concert to go see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. AMAZING.

Karen O, the lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, is amazing; she came out as a ZEBRA. Such an amazing stage presence, I'm so happy I got to see her! She can do no wrong in my eyes.

yeah yeah yeahs; maps from Andrea Zevallos on Vimeo.

yeah yeah yeahs; y control from Andrea Zevallos on Vimeo.

Please excuse the horrible shakiness of the camera, it's hard to film when you don't have a tripod, are dancing, and everyone around you is dancing too!

Now, back to my essay...which I'm pretty sure I'm writing on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip :)

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