Wednesday, August 19, 2009

happiness is a new apartment

So, I'm here, and I've got to say, I'm in love. I don't feel homesick at all, because this place already feels like home. My apartment is amazing (I'm sure I'll get around to posting pictures soon), my roommates (so far) are chill (though I've only met one of three, so far), this city is beautiful, the food is delicious, the campus is all around. I can't wait to start classes, but at the same time, I'm enjoying having a week to just explore. If you read my joint blog with my best friend Josephine (found here), you'll see my list of top ten things about why I moved to Berkeley, at least so far. I'm so happy to finally be here, it's honestly everything I've ever wanted. I'm so ready to start! Community college was great, and it's so worth it when you end up exactly where you wanted to be. So, so worth it.

Anyways, I'm off to explore campus with my new friend (we're going to go find our classes so we don't get lost the first day, ha!) but I'll post a thorough update soon. Oh, and also, I realized I have emails I haven't responded to yet...I'm SO sorry, between the packing, vacation, more packing, and moving, I haven't been good about getting to emails. I will respond soon!


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