Monday, March 28, 2011

running, returning.

Spring Break in five memorable pictures; I'll make a more detailed (and food centric!) post later this week.

16 years & counting <3
My best friend Serena, who I've known since I was 5, came up to Berkeley to visit me! I got to take her to Bear's Lair :)

we discovered that we don't like guinness.
We decided to try a Guinness for St. Patrick's Day and discovered that we didn't like it, whoops.

Driving through the Grapevine the morning after it was closed for snow and black ice.

Entrance to the Contemporary/Modern Art building at LACMA.

I got to see two of my closest friends (and members of the West Wing Crew!) Marisa and Amelia.

Not pictured (by request) is my amazing family, who were the sole reason I came home, as well as my friend Kristina because I never seem to take pictures when we hang out. An excellent break indeed!

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