Friday, March 25, 2011

cards & quarters.

So much for a having a regular Monday post, eh? No worries though, it'll be back next week--this week was Spring Break (and quite possibly the last one of my life!) and so I wasn't online as much as I usually am. I spent the first half of the week in LA, after a weekend with my best friend and an adventurous drive down on Sunday. We left Berkeley around 5, and soon encountered snow, accidents, and flooding, leading us to spend the night in a cigarette and apple scented motel room in Bakersfield. My life! In any case, I got to LA safe and sound by Monday afternoon and proceeded to spend the next three days seeing some of my closest friends and family. It was much needed trip home, and I'm feeling recharged after some well-deserved rest. Hopefully I'll make a picture post soon, lots to share!

I'm back in Berkeley and hard at work on my thesis. I put up my survey today...if you have the time, please take it! I've got a lot to do and I'm running out of time...I can't believe that this semester is very quickly coming to an end.

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